The SOS Dan Buoy 33 inflatable marker is a marine safety product designed to immediately reduce the delay, panic, mistakes, and mishaps associated with a person going overboard. No assembling required, Just throw....

The multi-award winning SOS Dan Buoy 33 is a modern day safety product suitable for recreational and commercial vessels of all types and sizes.

It is the easiest to use, fastest to deploy, and most effective man overboard device available.


The SOS Dan Buoy 33 weighs only 4 kilos (around 8 pounds) can be used by everyone on board in an instant. It is easily transportable as it folds away in a small carry bag, eliminating storage problems. It has taken out several prestigious awards including the 2017 Most Innovative Marine Industry Commercial-Product and the 2011 Welfare, Health and Safety Excellence Award sponsored by Engineering Excellence Award committee, Sydney Division.


The SOS Dan Buoy 33 is compact and portable. It is housed in its own valise similar size to a ladies handbag and is thrown overboard and water activated. It is the easiest to use, fastest to deploy. It deploys within seconds of hitting the water, is highly visible, and has similar drift characteristics as a man overboard.


The only Dan Buoy world-wide tested to elements of ISO 12402. The SOS Dan Buoy 33 has made one of the biggest changes in man overboard rescue in the marine industry for decades. The multi-award winning SOS Dan Buoy 33 has been protecting mariners since 2011. It is a modern day safety product suitable for recreational and commercial vessels of all types and sizes.
A survivor speaks MOB Saved in 2016 N2E


Key Features

  • High day / night visibility
  • Fast 7 second inflation
  • Compact
  • SOLAS strobe light
  • Oversized drogue
  • Grab handles
  • ISAF World Sailing +Australian Yachting conforming
  • ISO 12402 quality
  • Multi-Award winning


"I am a licensed Master, with decades of experience on the water, both “blue” and “brown.” We purchased a SOS Dan Buoy to use as part of our man-over-board training. We have now deployed it more than a dozen times as part of these exercises. The Dan Buoy has worked flawlessly every time, opening upon submersion into the water as designed."

A Survivor Speaks

....without the (dan)buoy..... I would be dead. 

Val G, 2016 Ensenada Race MOB survivor

Activates in Seconds

The SOS Dan Buoy deploys within seconds of hitting the water. It has similar drift characteristics as a person overboard. The ultra fast and reliable self-righting properties ensure that just when time matters most the SOS Dan Buoy is always ready.

Superior Vision

The SOS Dan buoy is a high visibility marker allowing it to be seen 1700 metres (1½ miles away). The inflated 7-foot high green/yellow pole and 8-foot (2.4m) long streaming ribbon complete with SOLAS grade reflective strips and SOLAS light.

Threshold Moments

The compact SOS Dan Buoy (weights 4 kilos- 8.82 pounds). This self-contained device designed to make rescue a simple operation. There is no need to set or activate. Just throw nearby to person overboard.

Performance Difference

We have heard criticisms that drogues on MOB devices were not large enough, from survivors who lived to tell us. They were frustrated at having to swim after devices being blown away from them in severe weather. The SOS Dan Buoy does not skip across the top of waves with the wind. As a result of this input the self–inflating dan buoy uses an extra large drogue (47″ by 23 ½″ / 600mm x 1200mm).

Webbing Grab Loops Support

By having webbing grab loops as opposed to handles allows the swimmer to reach the SOS Dan Buoy and place their arms around the inflated marker for support and flotation, giving an extra sense of security when fatigued.

Tested & Proven

The only flotation device of its kind in the world tested to elements of the International Lifejacket standard ISO 12402. Testing is carried out at the Fleetwood Testing Laboratory in Lancashire who are accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) .

Latest Technology

The SOS Dan Buoy uses the UML automatic-latest pro-sensor inflation technology system. The lightweight water-activated inflation system requiring a self-contained disposable 33 gram CO2 inflation system. The SOS Dan Buoy has a Service Window which provides at a glance that the SOS Dan Buoy 33 is set to go. It has an automatic SOLAS LIGHT.

Extra Benefits

The extra benefit of removing the drogue and attaching an anchor so it can be used as a temporary marker for wrecks, channels and dive or crash sites.

  • Dan Buoy Large Drogue
  • Solas light Dan Buoy

Modern MOB Equipment You may Not Live Without

Lynn Fitzpatrick www.worldregattas.com 2014

"Maintaining visual contact with the man overboard is far better than tracking delayed AIS and EPIRB signals. It’s much more effective to have crew looking for an inflated 7-foot high green/yellow pole and 8-foot (2.4m) long streaming ribbon complete with reflective strips and SOLAS light, and listening for a whistle, than having their heads in the boat trying to figure out how to transmit emergency information over the radio."

SOS Marine`s Quality Products

Leading the Charge

SOS Marine designs and manufacturers safety equipment for 13 National Defence Forces worldwide, high risk marine tactical operators, recreational boats and ocean vessels in the commercial markets. The company has developed innovative concepts to meet their customer`s specific needs to be implemented in the most hazardous working environments.


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Multi-Award Winning

Award for Welfare, Health & Safety

SOS Dan Buoy provides the potential to save many lives worldwide by providing a more effective way of ensuring that people falling overboard in waterways and at sea have enhanced chances of being found and rescued and staying afloat while waiting for rescue compared to current systems.” 
Quote from Engineering Excellence Awards Committee

2017 Australian Marine Industry Awards, Most Innovative Industry Commercial Product or Service

2011 Engineers Excellence Award for Welfare, Health and Safety

2011 Australian Marine Export Award Most Innovative Marine Industry Exported Product

2011 Australian Business Award for Best New Product

2011 Australian Business Award for Product Excellence

Everyone can use the SOS Dan Buoy 33 inflatable marker

Sailboat & Powerboat

Sailboats Powerboats

When sailing or motoring it's crucial that in the event of a person-overboard the SOS Dan Buoy should be the first thing the crew reaches for in a MOB situation..

A quick solution is required -the SOS Dan Buoy thrown overboard to mark the position of the person overboard. It can be seen from 1700 metres away at sea level plus the benefit of being able to support the swimmer.

It's the seconds upon immersion that is the life-saving difference.

Cruise Ships & Passenger Ferries

Cruise ships and passenger ferries
Stopping, cruise ships, passenger ferries and bulk carriers in a man overboard situation takes time and a lifeboat deployment is not quick.
The SOS Dan Buoy is a clear alternative for super yachts, large passenger vessels and cruise ships, or those facilities such as oil rigs and offshore wind farms in which additional safety measures are required.
SOS Marine`s safety products provide a guiding light for professionals and end-users by offering a new level in operator safety and functionality; especially in difficult and dangerous rescue missions.

Search & Rescue & Coast Guard

Search & Rescue & Coast Guard
SOS Dan Buoy dropped from 200 feet at 60 knots by Coast Guard Abu Dhabi
Rescue helicopter pilots find deployment of the SOS Dan Buoy and effective and accurate rescue system.
When dropped it will indicate wind and current directions. In difficult and dangerous rescue operations deployment of several SOS Dan Buoy`s can be dropped from aircraft to assist in the operational timeline. For airborne spotting it provides a major benefit of being highly visible.
The streaming pennant gives increased visibility in seas, where a traditional dan buoy's can disappear amid the waves and spray.

Defence & Law Enforcement Vessels

Defence & Law Enforcement Vessels
SOS Marine`s next generation of man overboard rescue products, the multi-award winning SOS Dan Buoy became a global benchmark in new survival concepts in responding to a rescue situation.
For more than 30 years, SOS Marine has worked with some of the most demanding users working in the world`s most unpredictable and hazardous environments.
When your daily work environment is dynamic and unpredictable, as professionals, you need products and solutions that you can trust and rely on for mobility and durability to get the job done safely.

Commercial Marine

Commercial  Marine
From commercial fishing to offshore oil rigs, working the seas means dealing with harsh and unpredictable conditions.
To ensure your safety, you want nothing less than the SOS Dan Buoy 33 rescue equipment to meet the challenges thrown your way.
The SOS Dan Buoy 33 be an added protection for employees working near water on dredging, marine construction, or terminal operations. Water that could sweep them out of sight or simple mistakes can instantly take a person over the side of a boat.

Smart Women Boater

Smart Women Boater
Many boating guests who spend a day on the water are often not educated in man overboard emergencies or the use of complicated safety equipment used on board. SOS Marine` ultimate goal is for safety to be integrated into everyday boating and offers a simple, safe an innovative way for sailboats and powerboats to retrieve overboard victims.